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Monday, September 19, 2011

And the Rain Came

Fall is in the air, and with it a bit of far no frost, although on a couple of mornings, it did get cold....but stayed about the frost point.

Today September 19th--68 with 100% chance of showers and maybe a storm.

Tonight--Showers ending...low in the mid 50s

Tomorrow clouds early, sunny late a High of 74

photo-Sunset Thursday September 15th at the Kokomo, Indiana/Howard County Vietnam Veterans Reunion

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Cool Down...

After record setting near triple digit temperatures on Friday and Saturday, things got brisk overnight and appear not likely to make it out of the 50s today.  After rains Saturday night and a bit more yesterday, cool winds brought down the temperatures overnight....and this morning it was actually cool in the house, causing me to shut the windows in the living area downstairs.  A cooler, more seasonable, forecast is in store for the coming week, with more moisture on the way later on.

Today Labor Day 2011  Cloudy, Windy, and Cool with a high maybe reaching 60

Cloudy tonight low of 50 and Partly Cloudy on Tuesday with a high of 67....

Friday, September 2, 2011

Record Setting Labor Day Weekend....The Heat is On!

As I sit here at the keyboards on this Friday morning heading into Labor Day, the last big Holiday of the warm weather period, I note that it is already 75 degrees at's going to get worse before it improves, and that won't come until later in the weekend.  It will hot, record hot, for today and tomorrow, in Ohio, and the temperatures and conditions are going to be mighty uncomfortable for players and fans alike on the football gridirons tonight at the High School level, and tomorrow when the first weekend of college football kicks into high gear....

Friday September 2nd  Record High near 98 under sunny skies
tonight it will drop down to the upper 70s before daybreak
Saturday another Record possible  High of 96 and finally with a front coming through, the high Sunday in the lower 80s with a 60% of storms...Monday Labor Day will see more fall like conditions with a high in the low 70s ....let's say 71 and a low overnight 49, the coolest since May.

Photo-Gulls, Ducks, and other Waterfowl frolic in Grand Lake as Summer winds down....