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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Winter of No Winter...So Far

As the last day of 2011 winds down, the snow machine has still yet to fire doubt the area skiers are buming, me? Not so much.

Since I don't ski these days....the mild, but muddy and rain filled weather, while not pleasant, still beats the alternative...if this is Global Warming, I'll take it!   We have not been below double digits for a low...13 perhaps the coldest morning, and that was one of less than a handful below 20 degrees....the highs, almost without a glitch, have stayed about freezing....nothing on the horizon, for the new year, suggests anything will change soon...although I am sure we will be getting some January like weather in the next weeks to follow...meanwhile we will enjoy the ice free roads and heating bill savings.

back later>>>>>

Photo-Grand Lake and the surrounding farm grounds remain unfrozen as 2011 turns into 2012.....a rarity indeed.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December Rains to Snow to Cold

After three solid days of rain, for a brief moment last night, that rain turned to wet the front moved through however, it quickly clouds, wind, and a small amount of frozen white stuff remains on the ground.

The extended forecast looks to be colder than normal, but mostly dry......

Cloudy today with a high of 37......

Photo-Our Sidewalk under water yesterday morning, the heavy rains turned to snow, then ended quickly, ushering in the windy and colder conditions....

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Snow on the Way?

After 3 days of rain, cold rain at that, it appears the moister will change over to Snow by Midnight.....

We are only forecast to receive an inch or two, with maybe as much as 3 or 4 inches north and west towards Fort Wayne, Indiana, some 60 miles from the Grand Lake Region.....but even that would be welcome respite from the miserable conditions of the past 3 days.  After some almost "Indian Summer" like weatther to begin the past weekend, it all fell apart by late Saturday night, and Sunday, Monday, and today, have seen constant rain, sometimes lite, sometimes, heavy, but mostly steady and moderate.   Temperatures have hovered in the 40s for the most we will see Snow and then some colder, bur dryer air arriving by tomorrow afternoon.

Today:  Rain, steady at times, High near 40
Tonight:  Rain, changing to Snow, low near 30, and inch of two possible
Tomorrow, Wednesday November 30th....Afternoon Clearing, highs in the upper 30s.

Photo-Celina and the Mercer County Fairgrounds, this morning, with lots of rain water not yet draining off....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Round of November Storms

After spending the weekend at the in-laws in southeast Wisconsin, we headed back yesterday morning, aware that rain was predicted along the Lincoln Highway, Route US 33, but unaware just how much and how strong the rare November rain/lighting/tornado event would the time we hit Warsaw, Indiana, some 100 west of the home port, the rain picked up and by the time we arrived in Fort Wayne, the cloud to ground lightning and heavy rains, combined with strong winds, made the trip "interesting"....

Several Tornado Warnings were out as we crossed into Ohio, now one step ahead of the front....the rain arrived shortly after we arrived home, but the major lighting was reduced to more summer like non-sever rained much of the evening and flood warnings were posted....however, nothing major in the Grand Lake region.

Today will be cloudy, but still mild for this time of  year...about 60, clearning tonight with a low near 40 and sunny but much cooler tomorrow and highs will remain in the low 40s.

Photo-The Mercer County Ohio Fairgrounds on a mid November Walk....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Indian Summer{for another day}

The old legends of and about Indian Summer, say they happen each year sometimes after the first frost...usually in October, at least in this part of the country.  I'm not a climatologist, just a Biology major, so I can't say for sure....of course many climatologist believe in that fake science of man-made Global Warming....which of course is a complete fabrication, laced with political BS....but I guess I should save that rant for my other, main, blog, which often dwells into political controversies, and can be found at this link:

For today I will go out and enjoy a early November day with sunshine and temperatures reaching the mid 60s....not exactly summer like, but for sure it will be one of the last days this nice until March or perhaps even April....

The Forecast for Grand Lake and the Region looks like this:

Today Wednesday, November 2, 2011--Sunny skies, after a cool morning it will reach 65
Tonight Clear and seasonable temperatures, actually warming that average at 47
Tomorrow, a sunny start, but 60% chance of rain by late afternoon,, with a high of 56

Photo at top-The sun rising over Grand Lake this morning 11/02/11

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Change is Coming....?

Hasn't been a lot to write about weather-wise over the past few weeks...although I have made reference about the changes in conditions on my regular blog:   Truth is however, it's been typical October...mostly good, mixed in with a few days of rain, but plenty of sun with an occasion cool day dropped in....things look like they are going to change over the next few days.

Despite predictions to the contrary, it reached 70 under mostly sunny skies early this afternoon....but as of 4pm, clousds have moved in, and the winds are picking up from the west.....more rain, to go with the overnight thunderstorms appears headed our way, with the onset of cooler temperatures to go along with the moister.  After that the next 10 days look to be cooler, mostly in the 50s for highs, and 30s and 40s for lows.

back later with details of any special weather happenings....

Photo-A darkened look acorss Windy Point on Grand Lake, Ohio.....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Perfect Week....Weather Wise

Off to the 17th annual Vietnam Security Police Association Reunion in Dayton/Wright Patterson....and it appears that the weather could not be better....

After a mostly wet and pretty miserable September, which saw record rains in the Midwest and especially here in Western Ohio...the Sun came Sunday, and we are in the early stages of a predicted 10-12 run of sun, low humidity, and slowly rising rain for the next week, at least they say.

Wednesday October 5th----Sunshine High of 75   Low Tonight near 50
Thursday October 6th--Plenty of sun and a high of 78...

photo-the sun sets over the western side of Grand Lake over the Labor Day weekend....

Monday, September 19, 2011

And the Rain Came

Fall is in the air, and with it a bit of far no frost, although on a couple of mornings, it did get cold....but stayed about the frost point.

Today September 19th--68 with 100% chance of showers and maybe a storm.

Tonight--Showers ending...low in the mid 50s

Tomorrow clouds early, sunny late a High of 74

photo-Sunset Thursday September 15th at the Kokomo, Indiana/Howard County Vietnam Veterans Reunion

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Cool Down...

After record setting near triple digit temperatures on Friday and Saturday, things got brisk overnight and appear not likely to make it out of the 50s today.  After rains Saturday night and a bit more yesterday, cool winds brought down the temperatures overnight....and this morning it was actually cool in the house, causing me to shut the windows in the living area downstairs.  A cooler, more seasonable, forecast is in store for the coming week, with more moisture on the way later on.

Today Labor Day 2011  Cloudy, Windy, and Cool with a high maybe reaching 60

Cloudy tonight low of 50 and Partly Cloudy on Tuesday with a high of 67....

Friday, September 2, 2011

Record Setting Labor Day Weekend....The Heat is On!

As I sit here at the keyboards on this Friday morning heading into Labor Day, the last big Holiday of the warm weather period, I note that it is already 75 degrees at's going to get worse before it improves, and that won't come until later in the weekend.  It will hot, record hot, for today and tomorrow, in Ohio, and the temperatures and conditions are going to be mighty uncomfortable for players and fans alike on the football gridirons tonight at the High School level, and tomorrow when the first weekend of college football kicks into high gear....

Friday September 2nd  Record High near 98 under sunny skies
tonight it will drop down to the upper 70s before daybreak
Saturday another Record possible  High of 96 and finally with a front coming through, the high Sunday in the lower 80s with a 60% of storms...Monday Labor Day will see more fall like conditions with a high in the low 70s ....let's say 71 and a low overnight 49, the coolest since May.

Photo-Gulls, Ducks, and other Waterfowl frolic in Grand Lake as Summer winds down....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'll Have Another Shot of Summer....

After having the windows open the past couple of days and nights, letting the cool breeze and fresh air into the house, it will probably get closed up and the A/C turned back on for a few days, as Summer makes one(at least) last push to stick around.

Tonight Mostly Cloudy Low 60
Wednesday August 31st-Partly Cloud High 84

Summer returns for Thursday as September kicks off...High 93 with 92 scheduled to follow for Friday, lows near 70....

photo-Grand Lake Sunrise over Windy Point, Montezuma, Ohio

Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Overnight Storms...

Another somewhat spectacular lightning show was present last night....last nights storms crossed the Indiana Border into western Ohio about 10:30 or so...with the most lightning being noted north in the Paulding and northern Van Wert County areas....but even that far away, it was lighting up the sky here.   I tried to get some photos, but with the new point and shoot camera, and no time release button, I wasn't very successful...but will work on my technique some more as time goes by.

With the Storms out of the way, it will be sunny, warm, and less humid for the next few days.....

Today, Thursday August 25, 2011--Sunny, less humid, high of 80
Tonight, Clear and Cooler low of 58

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not much exciting weather-wise...

The past week or so did see a drop in the humid conditions...which is just now starting to push back into the pattern.  We actually managed to turn off the A/C for a few days and open the windows.  In addition to the cooler, but not cool, weather, we have had a series of small, short lasting storms, which dumped enough rain to kick in the yard growth....Summer is indeed winding far the bugs, especially mosquitoes, have been few and far between, at least here in town.

Thursday August 18, 2011

Sunny to Partly Cloudy, warm and seasonable, with a high of 85 and a 30% chance of storms 

Tonight:  Storms possible at 30% low of 60

Tomorrow Sunny and warm High once again 85

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A typical Mid Summer Weather Pattern

Typical in the sense that it remains in the 90 degree range on most days, with a large amount of humidity....although over the past week, we have had spells of storm, while some have been near sever, most are just loud noise makes with welcome, but not too much, rain coming with them.   Last night a front that dumped heavy rains in the Chicago area, made it's way to Grand Lake and the Region...dropping some overnight moister.  The winds that followed, quickly dried much of that off.....

It appears that cooler, less humid conditions will greet us starting tomorrow, and stick around until a chance of showers shows up by the weekend:

Tuesday August 9th--Sunny, with a 30% chance of storms High 85
still a chance of showers tonight with a low of 64...then Wednesday it will be both less humid and cooler a high of 79...

enjoy it!

Photo-Storms rolled through Celina on Sunday Afternoon 8/7/11

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Continues, without wavering...

Pretty much in a stagnant cycle in the Grand Lake Region...Hot Days, with Climbing Humidity...this will continue through the weekend, and it appears beyond.  After some need rain last weekend, it appears the next few days will have a chance of more, but it will not break the stranglehold of the recent Heat Wave....

95, 91, 91, and 91 are the highs for the next few days, through the Weekend, with lows at 70, 72, 72, 74...Chance of stroms at 50% by Friday Night(tomorrow as I type) with a 30% shot on Saturday.  The extended forecast looks much the same for next week.

Photo-The Mercer County Courthouse, Celina, Ohio,  on an early Morning in July

Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21st on Average the Hottest Day of the Year....and today is no exception

One month past the official beginning of Summer, the worm starts to they say.  July 21st is on average, the hottest day of the year here in the northern western Ohio, it appears today will indeed be our high mark for temperatures...with maybe, just maybe, a slight decrease in temperatures to follow.

Today, Thursday July 21, 2011:  Near Record Temperatures and a Heat Warning...High near 100 under mostly sunny skies....tonight partly cloudy and a low about 80.

Tomorrow as the Grand Lake Festival in Celina kicks off, the chance of rain will pick up....30% chance of storms, with a high of 95...rain chances increasing during the weekend to come. 

Photo-Grand Lake at the coolest point of the day, just before sunrise this morning...the temperature on the in-car thermometer read 78...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Record Heat on the Way?

The hot, humid, dangerous heat indices weather continues through the weekend...and tomorrow we may see triple digits in western Ohio...

Celina and the Grand Lake Region saw some spotty, but welcome, downpours early yesterday morning, then again before nightfall last night....that will give way to oppressive heat and humidity for the next few days, with tomorrow being the worst of the bunch:

Wednesday July 20th...Partly Cloudy, Hot, and Humid high of 97
tonight...humid conditions under partly cloudy skies low 78
Thursday July 21st...near record heat, with dangerous conditions to continue..High 100

Rain is possible with storms and high humidity through the coming weekend:

photo-from July 19, 2011...West Bank area Park at Grand Lake, Celina, Ohio....Ducks and a Blue Heron move on and over the lake at Sunrise:  Photo-Copyright protected by Pat Houseworth

Monday, July 18, 2011

Storms Heading this Way?

Hot and brutally humid weather will continue at least through the end of the week....that is the bad news, maybe a storm or two will add some temporary relief, and at least some much needed rain...

Monday July 18th...

Sunny, hot, humid, with a 40% chance of strong stroms...High 93
Partly Cloudy, 30% chance of storms tonight, warm and humid low of 75%
Storms at 30% tomorrow, some could be strong, High 94....

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Middle of July Weekend around Grand Lake

The festival season begins in full throttle this weekend around Celina....and the weather will be hot enough to fry bacon and eggs on the sidewalks.

The I.C. Parish Festival begins later this afternoon around the Church grounds and side streets...that will last through Sunday weekend it's the Lake Festival throughout the downtown streets of Celina and along the west side of Grand Lake....

Friday July 15th....sunny and warmer with a high of 88
partly cloudy tonight low of 65, and for the weekend, it will be more humid and hot, with a 30% chance of storms on Sunday...high Saturday and Sunday near 90...

photo-The Celina IC Festival kicks off today...7/15/11

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We Got Some Rain..finally

Most sections of the Grand Lake region got a shower or two on Monday...that however, didn't abate the heat and humidity, but the front that passed through last night, albeit dry in this area, has lowered both the heat and the humid weather for the next day or two.

Forecast for Wednesday/Thursday July 13th and 14th

Sunny and Pleasant both days  Highs of 80 and 82 respectively with a low near 60 for chance of rain appears to be over the coming weekend.

{photo-looking out over a Mercer County, Ohio, farm and field through the early morning haze on July 12, 2011}

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Heat, a passing chance of Rain...

While Dayton, Columbus, and other areas in Ohio and the Midwest get their share of rain, the Grand Lake region is now stuck in a pattern which sees rain around us, but none in the immediate area....will today be the same?

At 10am I looked at the forecast and weather Radar.....a 60% of storms and possible strong storms is in the cards...but right now it appears the Chicago area, as well as Northern Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin, are getting the wet stuff...we, after the miserable cold, wet, spring could use some of that.   If it doesn't rain today or tonight, it appears the weekend is the next best chance.  The forecast has changed again:

Monday July 11th...Sunny to Partly Cloudy, hot, humid, with a 60% chance of storms  High 93
tonight a 30% chance of rain and thunderstorms, low of 75
Tuesday, Partly Cloudy Hot, Humid, 92...low of 70
Wednesday Sunny and Cooler High of 82....

photo-looking north along West Bank Road of Grand Lake on a cloudy morning...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Drones On...

Not much going on....little rain until at least next, mostly sunny, and somewhat humid, but nothing out of the ordinary for the Grand Lake/West Central Ohio area...

Through Sunday  Mostly Sunny and warm to hot, Highs in the mid 80s to near 90 lows in the 60s to near 70...little chance of rain until at least Monday July 11th.....

 Photo-Ormond Beach, Florida, Full Moon over the Atlantic Ocean....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Post 4th of July weather.....

The fourth of July, weather~wise was about what was expected....very little rain, but plenty of heat and humidity.  Sunday was the most oppressive day of the Holiday Weekend...few clouds, plenty of humidity, light breeze, and a high of near 95...after a brief morning shower yesterday(the 4th), the clouds gave way to sunshine, and while not as hot as Sunday, it still warmed up...

Tuesday July 5th....sunny and hot today a high of 88...
Partly Cloudy tonight with a low near 70.
Wednesday, Partly Cloudy with a small(30%) chance of storms, highs in the mid 80s....if no rain it may be the middle of next week before the storm chances re~appear.

Photo-Sunrise over Grand Lake @Windy Point, near Montezuma....

Thursday, June 30, 2011

July 4th Weather...will there be "Fireworks"

As we head into July, after this final day of June, the weather seems to be changing into a "typical" Summer pattern.....

After 3 sunny days with low humidity, we will now see an increase in humidity, the A/C will be turned back on, and there will be a chance of showers in the forecast, albeit small chances, over the next week to 10 days.  But first there is the weekend, the July 4th weekend to deal with:

Today June 30th---Sunny to Partly Cloudy warm and a bit more humid....high 85
Tonight--Party Cloudy with a slight chance of a storm low 65
Tomorrow--July begins Sunny, and more humid with a high of 85

The Holiday Weekend....Partly Cloudy each day, High 90 Saturday, 86 Sunday, and cooling to 82 Monday the 4th  Lows in the 60s, with a chance of storms at 30% on the 4th....

Photo-Sunrise Over Grand Lake St. Marys(Ohio) June 30, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fall In...

63 degrees as I type...a slight drizzle now and then, and about 20 degrees below normal is the forecast for today...the high prediction has been upgraded to 70...but with heavy cloud cover, I'm not betting on that.  The weekend looks better, and rain is back in the forecast(what else is new?) by Sunday...

Today Friday, June 24th...clouds with a 40% of light rain  High 70
tonight, clouds breaking with a low near 60  and for the weekend

Saturday, Sunny and Pleasant, high near 80...Sunday a 30% chance of stroms with a high of 76...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A taste of Fall in late June?

Showers have been hanging around the area, but for the most part, Celina has been spared...we really don't need more rain, at least not at this time.  The forecast does call for a good chance for today and tonight, with less tomorrow...but the hot, humid, weather, will give way to unseasonably cool conditions for today and tomorrow, with a slow warming trend for the weekend, with plenty of sunshine.

Today, Clouds with a 50-50 chance of thundershowers High of 73
Tonight, more clouds, with rain in the area 50% chance and a low of 62
Tomorrow, Friday, unseasonably cool with a 30% chance of rain, a high of only 65

The weekend looks Sunny and Warming, with highs both Saturday and Sunday warming into the middle and upper 70s.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How Did That Mess Miss?

As I prepared to umpire a Junior ACME league game in St. Henry last night, storms on the Radar were brewing and popping up....a massive of  Reds and Yellows appeared to be heading out way....somehow, despite the Reds getting rained out in Cincinnati(only the 5th time in Great American Ballpark history, opened in 2003), and some of the area games getting game in St. Henry and son Sam's in Celina, both were spared the area wide heavy rains....

More strong storms maybe heading our way however....

Wednesday June 22nd, first full day of Summer   30% chance of heavy storms late this afternoon, with 40% tonight  High 80  Low of 65

Tomorrow a 60% chance of showers and thundershowers a cooler high of just 72....and by Friday they are calling for a high of just 67 with showers coming to and end late.

Photo-Grand Lake St. Marys, taken by blog author in April 1990, a Sunrise looking towards the east side of the lake, taken from Behm's Landing, by Pat Houseworth

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hot, Humid, and Severe Weather on the way for the First Day of Summer 2011

Today is the official start of Summer, and also the longest day of the year, as far as daylight hours.  Hard as it is to believe we get a minute or so less daylight starting tomorrow, and we head towards Fall and Winter.  Not so today however, after some morning sun, we will see 90 degree temps with a 60% chance of Storms and some of those could be strong to sever.  A cool front will pass through and things will get cooler, but the chance of rain will remain through much of the week.

Partly Cloudy with a high of 90 today, 60% Chance of Strong Storms

The same for tonight with a low in the 70s....

Monday, June 20, 2011

And the Rains/Thunderstorms Came...

Some rains over the weekend, but the real stuff hit this morning and continues into the afternoon...more on tap for tonight, with the chance of storms both Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.....I'm guessing at least an inch or more so far....most of which we don't need.

Tonight June 20th, Storms at 50% chance lows in the 60s

Tomorrow, the first official day of Summer and our longest day and again Wednesday we have a 40 or 50% chance of strong storms...High near 90 tomorrow, but cooling into the lower 80s by Wednesday.  More rain possible for Thursday and Friday, but cooler and decreasing chances of storms.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend Rains?

Tonight through next Thursday has a chance of rain in the least so says the Weather Channel...

Not sure I'm buying back to the wash out condidtions we had earlier this Spring, but a little rain will go along way, we don't need much at all.  We got a bit of wet yesterday, but nothing heavy in Celina...elsewhere got more.

Friday June 17th-Sunny and returning to summer like conditions.  High 82
Tonight, showers are possible after 9pm, low in the 60s
Saturday and Sunday...a 30 to 40% chance of storms, some could be heavy or severe, highs in the mid to upper 80s, and lows in the 60s.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Storm Bringer...

At 10am on this June 15th a large batch of heavy rain and Thunderstorms are crossing the Indiana State Line and creeping into Western Ohio.  Although we had a wet cold Spring until the last couple of weeks...a half inch of rain or so, would not be unwelcome.

Today---Showers and Storms, with Highs in the Upper 60s, well below normal.  They say a 60% chance of storms, gotta believe it will be a higher % than that.

More storms, again a 60% chance, and near 60 for tonight...and tomorrow, Thursday, more storms possible{50%) in the late afternoon and evening, with a High in the mid 70s...

A little rain goes a long way, and we don't need or want the stuff that they say is coming over the weekend....more as the weekend approaches.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A breath of fresh air, part #2

Today will see the 3rd straight day of partly sunny conditions with seasonable temperatures and low humidity..

Tuesday Flag Day June 14th  Partly Cloud High of 76
Tonight a 30% chance of showers low near 56
and Wednesday showers possible, 30% chance with a high in the Mid 70s.

Thursday June 16th Thundestorms back in the forecast.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A breath of Fresh Air!

The cool front, sans any rain, pushed through overnight in West Central Ohio....this morning dawned cloudy and cool...The A/C has been turned off and the windows open.  It appears this spring like weather will last at least until Wednesday...

Sunday June 12th  Clouds in the AM/Sun in the Afternoon high in the lower 70s
Tonight Partly Cloudy and pleasant low of 55...
Monday, more sun and continued less humid and pleasant, high near 75 

On this date, June 12th, In Weather History:  1969 saw record snow and cold in the far upper west, while back in 1988 the eastern drought continued: 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another Round of Storms passes...

Saturday has dawned warm and rather humid....

Friday afternoon and evening saw plenty of actiion, with a combination of slow moving storms passing through the Celina area...causing rain and lightning delays in our ACME Baseball action at Celina's Eastview Park.

Today another chance of showers, which should lessen by the time Sam and I head back to Eastview to umpire games #5 and #6 of the round robin tournament.

Today Saturday June 11...Partly Sunny 50-50 chance of storms High Near 80
Tonight Clearing and pleasant low of 55
Sunday Sunny, less humid and pleasant  High only 73

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stormy Weekend Ahead?

After a spell of hot and humid conditions, and near record temperatures, the first signs of a cool-down accompanied by strong storms are in store for western Ohio and the eastern Midwest for the next few days.  A batch of storms rolled through overnight, but left Mercer County with little rain to show for, tonight, and both Friday, and Saturday, that, may, be another story.

Thursday June 8th....Partly Cloudy with 60% chance of storms, some could be strong  High 86
Tonight...Storms possible low mid 60s, 
Tomorrow and Saturday Storms and Thundershowers possible, about a 50-50 chance, cooling down a bit, High Friday 82 and Saturday 78

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

July in early June continues...

While Eastern Ohio is getting bashed with storms this morning and this afternoon(coming down the "Ring of Fire" from Canada and the upper lakes) is West Central Ohio, we remain mostly sunny, hot, and humid, with a breeze at times....Rain is on the way for later in the week.

Today June 7th~Sunny, Hot, and Humid, near Record High of 95
Partly Cloudy tonight low of 65
Continued Hot and Humid for Wednesday High of 94

A 50% chance of storms, continued humid, and lower temperatures for Thursday through the Weekend. 

photo-Air Force Vietnam Security Police Monument at Wright Patterson AFB/Air Force Museum, Dayton, Ohio....

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hot, Humid, and More Showers for the week ahead

Storms Saturday Night turned to hazy sunshine and opressive humidity Sunday...the week ahead looks to be much of the same.  Days of 80s and low 90s, nights of 60s with storm chances in the 30 to 60% range for the week ahead...

The Saturday Night storms, missed Celina, at least compared to what the central parts of Indiana had....we had some rain, lots of lightning, and a bit of wind...but nothing compared to other areas.

Today 30% chance of storms  86 for a high....

Much the same tonight and tomorrow..... 

 photo-Grand Lake St. Marys Ohio...sunrise on Lake Shore Drive, Celina, Ohio...

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Weekend Forecast for Celina, Ohio June 3 through 5th.

Clouds this morning with some unpredicted rain in the neighboring state of Indiana...our forecast says:

Partly Cloudy today with a High of 85
30% chance of storms tonight low of 65
40% chance of storms Saturday with some sever High of 90
Sunday Mostly Sunny and warm 92


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Delightful Day this Thursday June 2, 2011

 West Central Ohio Forecast....

Partly Sunny Breezy and low humidity...High of 76

Keep the Windows open and the A/C off tonight low of 52 under partly cloudy skies...

Friday more humid and in the low 80s...with a 30% chance of storms both Saturday and Sunday, warm and humid in the mid to upper 80s....

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Storms Miss Western Ohio

The 30% of showers and storms materialized last night, but moved north towards Michigan and back in western Indiana...we stayed high and dry for now, and the humidity has dropped...

Todays Forecast:

Sunny, and not as warm with a High of 81
Clear to Partly Cloudy tonight Low mid 60s
Sunny and pleasant tomorrow High of 79..

no rain in forecast until Friday when they show a 30% of isolated storms....

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Holiday Weather in a Nutshell

The forecasters almost got it right over the just completed Memorial Day was hot, and the last minute they inserted a 30% chance of "Isolated" Thunderstorms for Saturday Night...what we got was a round of heavy rains, that began late Saturday afternoon.  They did get the sunny, hot, and humid, conditions right, especially for Sunday and Monday.....

One more hot day with humidity to match is slated for today...then showers(another "Isolated" batch) tonight...then if things go as the predictions say, it will be sunny and warm...and DRY(so they say).  And gawd knows we can use some "Dry"...

Tuesday Sunny, Hot, Humid, high of 93
Tonight 30% chance of Storms  low near 60
Tomorrow, Wednesday, Sunny and Warm, but less humid  High 84....


Friday, May 27, 2011

One More Round of Storms

West Central Ohio Weather:  5/26/11

Yesterday saw one more, and hopefully final for awhile, round of was humid, with a mix of clouds and sun for most of the day, but by 4PM storms began brewing in the area, and after a couple of heavy downpours, a Tornado Warming blared out on the Weather Channel.  A funnel cloud had been spotted in extreme southern Mercer County near Burkettsville.  A warning was put out for south Mercer, southwest Auglaize, and northern Darke Counties.  Nothing came out of it thankfully...just more rain.

Overnight saw fog move in and it remains wet and very humid, albeit cooler, at this hour of 10AM EDT this morning.

The Memorial Day Weekend Ahead:

The Holiday Weekend Ahead:

Today, May 27th,  will be cloudy but the showers will end with a High of 64..
Saturday, Partly Cloudy and Warmer High near 77
Sunday, after a 30% chance of a Morning Shower it will be Sunny, Hot, and Humid High of 87
and on Memorial Day Monday a High of 90 with the humidity on the Rise

It looks like Summer is indeed here, for at least a little while.

Enjoy the Holiday Weekend...back later as conditions warrant.

Photos-The Drive-Way in front of the house last evening, after the third and final downpour of the day...and this morning, the damp back yard, under heavy drizzle and foggy, wet, conditions.  Things look to dry off and improve, albeit hot and humid, as the Holiday Weekend moves into play.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Storms of 5/25 and early 5/26/11

 I Picked a great day to start the Western Ohio Weather Blog.....the weather was pretty exciting/interesting to say the least.....

The first set of storms came early afternoon...somehow they split, and missed us in Mercer County....and frankly we were lucky throughout the rest of the evening and early morning hours.....although we certainly got our share of rain and winds, much less damaging stuff, like that that hit north towards Findlay, Ohio, and south in the Dayton Area, where Hal and wife Lisa got clobbered in Centerville...Hal's car received hail damage...but nothing like the stones that hit in the Bellbrook area a few miles east.  Major hail stones nailed that town, and with the arrival of a second storm north and west of Dayton, in the Vandalia/Dayton Airport area, where some stones the size of 4.25" were will be interesting to see how much damage was done to vehicles and buildings.  It has to be something to behold.

In Celina, we escaped with heavy rains at various times during the you can see by the photos, dark clouds went north of Celina into Van Wert County.  Funnel Clouds were spotted there, as well as other counties, while large hail was reported especially to the south.  In addition to Montgomery County, Greene, and Darke Counties also had large hail outbreaks, as did the neighboring counties in Eastern Indiana.

Today's Forecast For West Central Ohio

Mostly Cloudy today, with more storms, although they don't appear to be as strong in will remain very humid.

90% Chance of Storms today with a High of 72
80% Chance of more storms tonight low near 52
and tomorrow the rains will begin to move out with a high only near 70 and 40% possible morning showers...
The weekend looks dryer and warming each day through Sunday... 

Photo Descriptions-The Radar as it looked at around 10pm EDT last night..the first batch of storms to the right are beginning to leave west Ohio, while the second large front, was moving through central Indian...those would arrive here at about 12 Midnight....The Truck and large hail photos are from WHIO TV coverage of the Bellbrook storms, which did major damage to that town and surrounding area.  The other views were taken by me at about 6pm last night as the action moved into Mercer County, but for the most part, the worst missed us north and south.

For more photos and details on the storms check out my daily blog @: 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25, 2011...Storms on the Western Horizon

As I sit here on this Wednesday afternoon in mid Spring 2011, I can reflect that the past 2 months have been one strange ride in this part of the world...aka The Lower Great Lakes/West Central Ohio, the likes of which we don't see very often....1981 comes to mind, 1996 as well...both were wet, cold, and wild Springs.  My experience as a baseball broadcaster, coach, and now umpire, gives me a recall memory of seasons like this that most don't here we go, with this offshoot of my regular daily blog:

This blog will be a daily look via photos and observations of the weather that occurs and affects our daily lives in this part of the world....

What is in store for this Wednesday 5/25/2011

Strong storms have been predicted for this week, and considering the events that shook the deep south back in April, and the Joplin, Missouri, area this past week, should give us all in this part of the country a heads up.

I awoke this morning to sunshine, even after last night storms, left the grass occurrence that has happened probably 50 times in the past 60's been that kind of spring...wet, cloudy, cold, and miserable.  Now, even though the wet continues, the heat, bugs, and humidity have made their presence known. 

So, as I begin this, my 4th blog, the storms are in the central Indiana area, and moving north and east...they will hit West Central Ohio sometime today or tonight...the question is not if, but when?  The humidity is up...the mix of clouds and sun gives today an almost summer-like feel to it...tomorrow, I will report on how it all shook out.

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Photos-Top Left...are we in store for night time storms like this one I took viewed off my front porch in late July 1997?   The morning dawned with bright sunshine today, but the fierce storms that have plagued the western half of the Midwest were heading our way as of 8am....