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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Holiday Weather in a Nutshell

The forecasters almost got it right over the just completed Memorial Day was hot, and the last minute they inserted a 30% chance of "Isolated" Thunderstorms for Saturday Night...what we got was a round of heavy rains, that began late Saturday afternoon.  They did get the sunny, hot, and humid, conditions right, especially for Sunday and Monday.....

One more hot day with humidity to match is slated for today...then showers(another "Isolated" batch) tonight...then if things go as the predictions say, it will be sunny and warm...and DRY(so they say).  And gawd knows we can use some "Dry"...

Tuesday Sunny, Hot, Humid, high of 93
Tonight 30% chance of Storms  low near 60
Tomorrow, Wednesday, Sunny and Warm, but less humid  High 84....


Friday, May 27, 2011

One More Round of Storms

West Central Ohio Weather:  5/26/11

Yesterday saw one more, and hopefully final for awhile, round of was humid, with a mix of clouds and sun for most of the day, but by 4PM storms began brewing in the area, and after a couple of heavy downpours, a Tornado Warming blared out on the Weather Channel.  A funnel cloud had been spotted in extreme southern Mercer County near Burkettsville.  A warning was put out for south Mercer, southwest Auglaize, and northern Darke Counties.  Nothing came out of it thankfully...just more rain.

Overnight saw fog move in and it remains wet and very humid, albeit cooler, at this hour of 10AM EDT this morning.

The Memorial Day Weekend Ahead:

The Holiday Weekend Ahead:

Today, May 27th,  will be cloudy but the showers will end with a High of 64..
Saturday, Partly Cloudy and Warmer High near 77
Sunday, after a 30% chance of a Morning Shower it will be Sunny, Hot, and Humid High of 87
and on Memorial Day Monday a High of 90 with the humidity on the Rise

It looks like Summer is indeed here, for at least a little while.

Enjoy the Holiday Weekend...back later as conditions warrant.

Photos-The Drive-Way in front of the house last evening, after the third and final downpour of the day...and this morning, the damp back yard, under heavy drizzle and foggy, wet, conditions.  Things look to dry off and improve, albeit hot and humid, as the Holiday Weekend moves into play.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Storms of 5/25 and early 5/26/11

 I Picked a great day to start the Western Ohio Weather Blog.....the weather was pretty exciting/interesting to say the least.....

The first set of storms came early afternoon...somehow they split, and missed us in Mercer County....and frankly we were lucky throughout the rest of the evening and early morning hours.....although we certainly got our share of rain and winds, much less damaging stuff, like that that hit north towards Findlay, Ohio, and south in the Dayton Area, where Hal and wife Lisa got clobbered in Centerville...Hal's car received hail damage...but nothing like the stones that hit in the Bellbrook area a few miles east.  Major hail stones nailed that town, and with the arrival of a second storm north and west of Dayton, in the Vandalia/Dayton Airport area, where some stones the size of 4.25" were will be interesting to see how much damage was done to vehicles and buildings.  It has to be something to behold.

In Celina, we escaped with heavy rains at various times during the you can see by the photos, dark clouds went north of Celina into Van Wert County.  Funnel Clouds were spotted there, as well as other counties, while large hail was reported especially to the south.  In addition to Montgomery County, Greene, and Darke Counties also had large hail outbreaks, as did the neighboring counties in Eastern Indiana.

Today's Forecast For West Central Ohio

Mostly Cloudy today, with more storms, although they don't appear to be as strong in will remain very humid.

90% Chance of Storms today with a High of 72
80% Chance of more storms tonight low near 52
and tomorrow the rains will begin to move out with a high only near 70 and 40% possible morning showers...
The weekend looks dryer and warming each day through Sunday... 

Photo Descriptions-The Radar as it looked at around 10pm EDT last night..the first batch of storms to the right are beginning to leave west Ohio, while the second large front, was moving through central Indian...those would arrive here at about 12 Midnight....The Truck and large hail photos are from WHIO TV coverage of the Bellbrook storms, which did major damage to that town and surrounding area.  The other views were taken by me at about 6pm last night as the action moved into Mercer County, but for the most part, the worst missed us north and south.

For more photos and details on the storms check out my daily blog @: 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25, 2011...Storms on the Western Horizon

As I sit here on this Wednesday afternoon in mid Spring 2011, I can reflect that the past 2 months have been one strange ride in this part of the world...aka The Lower Great Lakes/West Central Ohio, the likes of which we don't see very often....1981 comes to mind, 1996 as well...both were wet, cold, and wild Springs.  My experience as a baseball broadcaster, coach, and now umpire, gives me a recall memory of seasons like this that most don't here we go, with this offshoot of my regular daily blog:

This blog will be a daily look via photos and observations of the weather that occurs and affects our daily lives in this part of the world....

What is in store for this Wednesday 5/25/2011

Strong storms have been predicted for this week, and considering the events that shook the deep south back in April, and the Joplin, Missouri, area this past week, should give us all in this part of the country a heads up.

I awoke this morning to sunshine, even after last night storms, left the grass occurrence that has happened probably 50 times in the past 60's been that kind of spring...wet, cloudy, cold, and miserable.  Now, even though the wet continues, the heat, bugs, and humidity have made their presence known. 

So, as I begin this, my 4th blog, the storms are in the central Indiana area, and moving north and east...they will hit West Central Ohio sometime today or tonight...the question is not if, but when?  The humidity is up...the mix of clouds and sun gives today an almost summer-like feel to it...tomorrow, I will report on how it all shook out.

back then>>>>>

Photos-Top Left...are we in store for night time storms like this one I took viewed off my front porch in late July 1997?   The morning dawned with bright sunshine today, but the fierce storms that have plagued the western half of the Midwest were heading our way as of 8am....