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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'll Have Another Shot of Summer....

After having the windows open the past couple of days and nights, letting the cool breeze and fresh air into the house, it will probably get closed up and the A/C turned back on for a few days, as Summer makes one(at least) last push to stick around.

Tonight Mostly Cloudy Low 60
Wednesday August 31st-Partly Cloud High 84

Summer returns for Thursday as September kicks off...High 93 with 92 scheduled to follow for Friday, lows near 70....

photo-Grand Lake Sunrise over Windy Point, Montezuma, Ohio

Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Overnight Storms...

Another somewhat spectacular lightning show was present last night....last nights storms crossed the Indiana Border into western Ohio about 10:30 or so...with the most lightning being noted north in the Paulding and northern Van Wert County areas....but even that far away, it was lighting up the sky here.   I tried to get some photos, but with the new point and shoot camera, and no time release button, I wasn't very successful...but will work on my technique some more as time goes by.

With the Storms out of the way, it will be sunny, warm, and less humid for the next few days.....

Today, Thursday August 25, 2011--Sunny, less humid, high of 80
Tonight, Clear and Cooler low of 58

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not much exciting weather-wise...

The past week or so did see a drop in the humid conditions...which is just now starting to push back into the pattern.  We actually managed to turn off the A/C for a few days and open the windows.  In addition to the cooler, but not cool, weather, we have had a series of small, short lasting storms, which dumped enough rain to kick in the yard growth....Summer is indeed winding far the bugs, especially mosquitoes, have been few and far between, at least here in town.

Thursday August 18, 2011

Sunny to Partly Cloudy, warm and seasonable, with a high of 85 and a 30% chance of storms 

Tonight:  Storms possible at 30% low of 60

Tomorrow Sunny and warm High once again 85

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A typical Mid Summer Weather Pattern

Typical in the sense that it remains in the 90 degree range on most days, with a large amount of humidity....although over the past week, we have had spells of storm, while some have been near sever, most are just loud noise makes with welcome, but not too much, rain coming with them.   Last night a front that dumped heavy rains in the Chicago area, made it's way to Grand Lake and the Region...dropping some overnight moister.  The winds that followed, quickly dried much of that off.....

It appears that cooler, less humid conditions will greet us starting tomorrow, and stick around until a chance of showers shows up by the weekend:

Tuesday August 9th--Sunny, with a 30% chance of storms High 85
still a chance of showers tonight with a low of 64...then Wednesday it will be both less humid and cooler a high of 79...

enjoy it!

Photo-Storms rolled through Celina on Sunday Afternoon 8/7/11