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Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Heat, a passing chance of Rain...

While Dayton, Columbus, and other areas in Ohio and the Midwest get their share of rain, the Grand Lake region is now stuck in a pattern which sees rain around us, but none in the immediate area....will today be the same?

At 10am I looked at the forecast and weather Radar.....a 60% of storms and possible strong storms is in the cards...but right now it appears the Chicago area, as well as Northern Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin, are getting the wet stuff...we, after the miserable cold, wet, spring could use some of that.   If it doesn't rain today or tonight, it appears the weekend is the next best chance.  The forecast has changed again:

Monday July 11th...Sunny to Partly Cloudy, hot, humid, with a 60% chance of storms  High 93
tonight a 30% chance of rain and thunderstorms, low of 75
Tuesday, Partly Cloudy Hot, Humid, 92...low of 70
Wednesday Sunny and Cooler High of 82....

photo-looking north along West Bank Road of Grand Lake on a cloudy morning...

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