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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A typical Mid Summer Weather Pattern

Typical in the sense that it remains in the 90 degree range on most days, with a large amount of humidity....although over the past week, we have had spells of storm, while some have been near sever, most are just loud noise makes with welcome, but not too much, rain coming with them.   Last night a front that dumped heavy rains in the Chicago area, made it's way to Grand Lake and the Region...dropping some overnight moister.  The winds that followed, quickly dried much of that off.....

It appears that cooler, less humid conditions will greet us starting tomorrow, and stick around until a chance of showers shows up by the weekend:

Tuesday August 9th--Sunny, with a 30% chance of storms High 85
still a chance of showers tonight with a low of 64...then Wednesday it will be both less humid and cooler a high of 79...

enjoy it!

Photo-Storms rolled through Celina on Sunday Afternoon 8/7/11


  1. we are moving to the Columbus area from Wisconsin..found your post and are wondering what the OTHER seasons are like in Ohio...fall, winter and spring. My assumption is that the springs and falls are nicer and longer than ours...cold in winter, but not as cold and not as much snow?

  2. What part of Wisconsin are you moving from Paul? Wife is from Oconomowoc, and we lived and our daughter was born in the Wausau area back in 1979...worked at radio stations in Merrill and Wausau from 1977-1979.

    As far as Columbus, where the oldest son attends Ohio State...usually it will start warming a bit in late February and full blown spring hits by mid April(this past spring however was wet and cold). Summers are hot and humid, fall is pretty well perfect, with September through early November my favorite time of year. The sever cold(nothing like Wisconsin, especially north Wisconsin)usually hits after Christmas and is gone my mid to late February. Seldom see temps below Zero, but it does happen. thanks for stopping by...