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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Round of November Storms

After spending the weekend at the in-laws in southeast Wisconsin, we headed back yesterday morning, aware that rain was predicted along the Lincoln Highway, Route US 33, but unaware just how much and how strong the rare November rain/lighting/tornado event would the time we hit Warsaw, Indiana, some 100 west of the home port, the rain picked up and by the time we arrived in Fort Wayne, the cloud to ground lightning and heavy rains, combined with strong winds, made the trip "interesting"....

Several Tornado Warnings were out as we crossed into Ohio, now one step ahead of the front....the rain arrived shortly after we arrived home, but the major lighting was reduced to more summer like non-sever rained much of the evening and flood warnings were posted....however, nothing major in the Grand Lake region.

Today will be cloudy, but still mild for this time of  year...about 60, clearning tonight with a low near 40 and sunny but much cooler tomorrow and highs will remain in the low 40s.

Photo-The Mercer County Ohio Fairgrounds on a mid November Walk....

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