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Thursday, July 5, 2012

105 and No End in Sight...

I have lived in the Grand Lake Region for 50 years, off and on, mostly on....since the fall of 1962.  After living in south Florida for the previous decade, that first winter back in Ohio(having been born in Van Wert and living in the small village of Scott for my first few years (1949-1953).  Of the years I have lived here, few days have reached triple digits...yesterday, July 4, 2012, was the hottest I have ever experienced in Western Ohio{having had hotter, but less humid, days in Dodge City, Kansas, and Amarillo, Texas, over the years)...105 with humidity and peak levels was in a word..."Brutal".

The next few days are looking to be just as bad, and the extended forecast, while somewhat cooler, upper 80s to near 90, will still be is indeed going to be a long, hot, summer, in the Heartland.

Will update as necessary...

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Photo-Even the morning sunrise over Grand Lake cannot belie the heat that remains in store for the near future...

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