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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Holiday Weather in a Nutshell

The forecasters almost got it right over the just completed Memorial Day was hot, and the last minute they inserted a 30% chance of "Isolated" Thunderstorms for Saturday Night...what we got was a round of heavy rains, that began late Saturday afternoon.  They did get the sunny, hot, and humid, conditions right, especially for Sunday and Monday.....

One more hot day with humidity to match is slated for today...then showers(another "Isolated" batch) tonight...then if things go as the predictions say, it will be sunny and warm...and DRY(so they say).  And gawd knows we can use some "Dry"...

Tuesday Sunny, Hot, Humid, high of 93
Tonight 30% chance of Storms  low near 60
Tomorrow, Wednesday, Sunny and Warm, but less humid  High 84....


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