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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How Did That Mess Miss?

As I prepared to umpire a Junior ACME league game in St. Henry last night, storms on the Radar were brewing and popping up....a massive of  Reds and Yellows appeared to be heading out way....somehow, despite the Reds getting rained out in Cincinnati(only the 5th time in Great American Ballpark history, opened in 2003), and some of the area games getting game in St. Henry and son Sam's in Celina, both were spared the area wide heavy rains....

More strong storms maybe heading our way however....

Wednesday June 22nd, first full day of Summer   30% chance of heavy storms late this afternoon, with 40% tonight  High 80  Low of 65

Tomorrow a 60% chance of showers and thundershowers a cooler high of just 72....and by Friday they are calling for a high of just 67 with showers coming to and end late.

Photo-Grand Lake St. Marys, taken by blog author in April 1990, a Sunrise looking towards the east side of the lake, taken from Behm's Landing, by Pat Houseworth

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