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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Storm Bringer...

At 10am on this June 15th a large batch of heavy rain and Thunderstorms are crossing the Indiana State Line and creeping into Western Ohio.  Although we had a wet cold Spring until the last couple of weeks...a half inch of rain or so, would not be unwelcome.

Today---Showers and Storms, with Highs in the Upper 60s, well below normal.  They say a 60% chance of storms, gotta believe it will be a higher % than that.

More storms, again a 60% chance, and near 60 for tonight...and tomorrow, Thursday, more storms possible{50%) in the late afternoon and evening, with a High in the mid 70s...

A little rain goes a long way, and we don't need or want the stuff that they say is coming over the weekend....more as the weekend approaches.

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